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We hope this introduction provides a helpful education that aids in your decision towards a purchase of a plotter. Our plotters are typically upright in design. This is a real advantage for space saving layout in your pattern or production area. The vector information (the lines making up the pattern piece in the marker) is printed by an Ink delivery system this is not a pen, but rather an inkjet head #45 HP (Hewlett-Packard). For speed and accuracy, the ink is sprayed on the paper without touching the paper. The plot-out is achieved by the head moving in the Y-direction (a movement to the left and right sides of the plotter, horizontal to the floor). The plot-out is constructed from a series of horizontally printed strips. However, unlike pen plotters, no frame advance is required. This is a significant time saver.


Our method eliminates the need for a frame which in turn eliminates dead time where no printing is occurring. The paper comes off the feed roll and is moved in the X-direction (a one-way movement either up or down, vertical to the floor) and is rolled onto the take-up roll. All our Plotters have numerous features and options as part of its Inkjet plotter advanced technology.

About Plotters Direct

Plotters Direct was created by a group of people who understands the product the industry and the customer.  As for understanding the product, we have developed the functions in the program that runs the plotter. And tested it and every single possible CAD system in the market for it to be compatible with PLT, and HPGL files.


Our staff has been providing plotting solutions to companies in the apparel, automotive, industrial, furniture, upholstery and sewn industry and understands your needs when it comes to using a plotter. What's involved, what is the first step before getting a plotter and what is the last step to start using your plotter.  When it comes to the customer, we understand what the customer wants. Competitive price with the following... Customers want a relationship, not a one-night stand. To be there not just for the sale but to be there after the sale to educate them on how to use the product how to maintain their product. To give them service, that's why we offer a lifetime phone support and remote access service. Customers want what is familiar. "We like what we know" it just a reality. So we created a simple plotter not only in function but mechanically as well. 


Plotters Direct is a new generation of plotters, whose reputable technical design ensures silent and reliable functioning. The PlotMetrix and IQ plotters are connectable to PCs Windows and Mac operating systems and can plot files received via Internet plotting files using PLT or HPGL files. Our plotters come with communication features enabling remote maintenance, which can reduce downtime. Our plotters are reliable and dependable and built for optimal operating efficiency and minimal maintenance. Our plotters are backed by a staff of experienced and well-trained factory technicians on call to provide customers with personal and high-tech service. With a reputation in the industry of quality and dependable plotters, PLOTTERS DIRECT is where customers come for the most diverse plotting systems in the world. We have the experience and the product to meet any customer requirement.

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